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Responses from around the world

"Priya's gentle voice and music with the excellent lyrics throughout her repertoire demonstrate her firm commitment to the political, philosophical and environmental issues of our day that so concern her. Well done indeed!" -- Professor Jeff Burley, Director Emeritus, Oxford Forestry Institute

"I am already mesmerized... Priya can easily be placed in the category of accomplished musicians who connect us to nature and bring happiness." -- Alfred Oteng-Yeboah, recipient of the the John C. Phillips Memorial Medal  (the IUCN's highest honor) and Fellow of the Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences

"Gorgeous-- deep, meaningful, resonating. I hope many hear (and heed!) [Priya's] voice." -- Paul Wapner, Professor of Global Environmental Politics and award-winning author-- Washington, DC

"What a wonderful, warm and velvety sound that permeates to the depths of the human soul.”  --Mitra Sagheb-Talebi -- Tehran, Iran 

"Preciosas canciones y [su] voz un regalo de vida." -- Héctor Luis Acevedo, Professor and Former Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico 

"This is inspirational... and her singing is so incandescent!" -- Puttezath Sunil Menon, Editor, Outlook India -- New Delhi, India  

"Priya [creates] exceptionally beautiful songs. It is amazing with how much ease and sophistication [she] integrates different cultural and stylistic aspects into her music." -- Alexander Buck, International Union of Forest Research Organizations -- Vienna, Austria 

"Wonderful!! What a fantastic treat. This is soft, magic and gives me power. The composer definitely has electrifying skills [and] I am truly impressed." -- Björn Hånell, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences-- Umeå, Sweden

"A delightful ray of sunshine... Profound art." -- Monica Gabay, Universidad Nacional de San Martín-- Buenos Aires, Argentina

"Priya's videos are really inspirational and communicate peace, something we truly need." -- Elena Paoletti, National Research Council of Italy -- Firenze, Italy

"Magic." -- Renate Prüller, International Union of Forest Research Organizations -- Vienna, Austria


"Priya has a very attractive voice which combined with the beautiful lyrics makes this music unbelievably impressing." -- Khosro Sagheb-Talebi, Research Institute of Forests and Rangelands-- Tehran, Iran

"[I] hope this spreads sensitivity and brings sense." -- Ashok Lavasa, Election Commissioner of India and Former Environment, Forests and Climate Change Secretary of India

"My sincere congratulations to Priya, whose songs are so penetrating to the soul." -- Viktor Teplyakov, Moscow State Forest University -- Moscow, Russia

"Priya Parrotta is a beautifully talented singer/songwriter... Artists can make a choice and use their talent to share positivity with the world, and this is exactly what [Priya] is doing." -- Stacey Zering, Ink 19

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