coming of age

What is the role that the natural world plays in the process of coming of age? According to most of the pop and rock music that I listened to as a teenager (The Killers, Green Day, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Coldplay and so on), usually nothing. The music I blared in my room after school every day spoke to the angst I felt inside-- my frustrations about school, about myself, about a world whose insensitivity dawned on my more and more with each passing day. The music spoke to me... but very rarely did it speak about nature.

As far as I can tell, the situation these days is not much different. Every once in a while, an article will come out praising contemporary pop musicians for giving attention to climate change and other environmental issues, but this is far rarer than such articles will lead you to believe. To me, it seems very important that we involve the environment in our process of growing up. Perhaps you will see what I mean in the songs that I release as part of my new playlist of as-of-yet unreleased songs. Inspired by my own personal experiences with both emotion and the environment, it is my hope that these songs will send this message: that when we talk about the formative experiences of our lives, we are also very much talking about the places, the ecosystems, in which those experiences took place.