Climate Soul's first showcase!

Available now on Vimeo... many thanks to the Virtual Centre for Theosophical Studies for their kind invitation! Watch the showcase here:

Live comments via Zoom ✨:

- Al Rubiano: What a wonderful coming together of a variety of points of view regarding the arts and the sciences; technology and the environment; human endeavor and the human spirit; and so many more "dualities" that are present in our everyday lives. What to me is so amazing ("awesome" to a few who wrote in) and absolutely brilliant because it is so well done, is your sense of calm control mixed with a sense of urgent necessity. I believe a great part of your talent, Priya, is your creativity, your control of key elements--photography, colors, shapes, music, lyrics, language and more-- all contributing to a sense of elegance and, I would add, a sense of beauty. Thank you for that, Priya.

- Rekha Nahar: Wow! Such an inspiring voice. Amazing ❤️

- Flor White: this is very beautiful proposal, so nice that the theosophical society bring it together. thank you all. Are the songs also creations of the artist, or from others?

- Angel Manuel Velez-Garcia: Awesome song

- Khosro Talebi: wonderful lyrics, wonderful music but the most wonderful sound

- Carmen Santiago: Problems with computer but I want to say that the music is glorious, and the lyrics inspiran. But Your voice is soooo beautiful and soothing that connects with the spirit. Thank you!!!!!

- Cecil Konijnendijk: Beautiful and very powerful. Thank you, Priya.

- Norkaliz: In a certain way it relaxes you and at the same time makes you appreciate and enjoy the meaning with it was created. Thank you!!

- July Ackerman: These proposals about the world and nature through music are so glorious and wonderful, so relaxing and healing. please let us know if there's other meeting with her like this Professor Natarajan -Alma

- Angel Manuel Velez-Garcia: I second Alma’s opinion and suggestion.

- Zeena: Thank you priya

- Anne Grasselli: Fantastic, Priya! Thank you so much for sharing today. Absolutely stunning.

- Flor White: very connected with spirit, thank you Priya !

- Anne: Thanks, Priya. Beautiful

- Khosro Talebi: Thank you Priya, it was so relaxing and healing. We enjoyed it all in the family

- Paulette Beauchamp: gracias Priya. excelente!

- Milton Kanashiro: Amazing and touching songs....Congratulatons and Thank you Priya. !!! Dora: wonderful proposal, beatiful music congrats!!!

- Rekha Nahar: Thank you, Priya for expressing your advocacy through music. The meaning of your name expresses in your songs.

- Krystal Molina Rivera: Loved the medianoche and turtle one

- Jerome Gumayagay: Great music🙏🙏🙏 Sound bath meditation 🌹🌺🌷🌸

- Isabel S Rivera Torres: I loved Medianoche. Reminded me of being at the beach during night here in Puerto Rico.

- Mahazaver Dalal: Thank you Priya. Beautiful, inspiring and soul searching music with very appropriate pictures. May with His Grace you make people conscious about what todays generation owes to Mother Earth and to future generations. Greetings from Mumbai. Mahazaver dalal

- Djalòki: Priya, you are a Master, teacher, healer, uplifter, creator, repairer, challenger... May generations to come give you the honor and respect you deserve (providing this generation hears you and makes the radical turn it will take so future generations can live…)

- Krystal Molina Rivera: The first ocean music sounded so relaxing!!

- Milton Kanashiro: Priya, I wonder how much you compose your songs, aligned with dance... The one called Suplica, is based on Rumi´s poem. I was delighted with that one ….

- Diane Ford Dessables: Simply enchanting, Priya!

- Anne Grasselli: So many crossovers between spirituality, science, music, and visual arts that were popularised in the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Your work brings this to the fore, Priya and synthesises this beautifully!

- Djalòki: I see science, art, and spirituality as stages of approaches to reality, Spirituality deals with Being, art deals with the relatively subtle energies of Being in action, and science deals with the concrete (material) manifestations of those energies.

- Milton Kanashiro: Thank everyone for this opportunity. wonderful time !!!