beyond the finished, as you may have already discovered, organizes itself along the usual lines of a musician or band's website. My music is divided into the units that we most easily recognize -- singles, EPs, albums, playlists and so on. Yet I have never been quite comfortable with these categories. They do not quite capture what music-making is for me: an ongoing, ever-winding path of inquiry, a wandering search for answers that lie somewhere in the realm beyond words. I therefore prefer to think of music as something that is not fundamentally divided into so-called finished products, but rather as steps in a journey that, if we are lucky, continues over the course of many years.

On this blog, you will find the natural complement to that way of seeing music. I will post little notes on the journey through the writing and recording of each song-- the questions and imaginings that accompanied each. In my opinion, the process of music-making often strays beyond notions of being "finished," or being "complete," or perhaps even being "right." If we allow those midpoints, those loose ends, those lingering feelings to simply exist, perhaps it is easier to think of music as a companion to a broader philosophical journey.

The philosophical journey which animates this project, of course, is that of seeking harmony with nature. I hope that as you listen to these songs and read these blogposts, you are able to imagine new possibilities, new horizons for humanity which bring us closer to the natural world, and to our harmonious place within this vast ecosystem we call Earth, this vast place we call home.