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Port Meadow

Port Meadow is located at the edge of the town/city of Oxford, England, a short walk away from the libraries, chapels and colleges of Oxford University. This song is based upon memories of spending afternoons in Port Meadow, being transported by its beauty, and feeling safe there despite its vast openness. 


The meadow stretched out to the sky on that cool late summer day

and I could not help but wonder why we chose to go this way

You and I were simply shy, wishing we were brave 

And the meadow stretched out to the sky, 

and I hoped that we were safe (x2) 

Beyond books and stone walls

The meadow stays despite it all (x2) 

The meadow stays to enthrall

This vast and open place we've found, that needed us to try

To listen to the softest sound, 

and the meadow stretched out to the sky

© Priya Parrotta | all rights reserved

Released on March 1, 2020

image: Van Gogh, Green Wheat Fields, Auvers (1890)

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