dedicated to those who reside in world's forests

and to those who calm the flames


Once there was a forest 

which shone with emerald leaves

and in this grove, a glass house

sparkled amidst the trees

once there was a forest

 set to smoldering flame

when you struck a tiny match

for the glory of the game

for fire drew you more than light

and slowly this lovely world turns

And the forest blazed like molten glass

as the fire scored its path

and the forest blazed like molten glass

and my aching heart stood worn and still 

and yearned for the flames to pass 

The grove and glass once glistened

evading wealth and fame 

emerald leaves and branches

and gleaming windowpanes

ancient life has come and gone 

and quickly this deep beauty burns

And what if the match had lit a candle

which gave off a soft light

that is a world that I could handle

and we would have been alright


© Priya Parrotta | all rights reserved

Released on November 28, 2019

Music & Lyrics - Priya Parrotta 

Executive Producer -  Leonardo Garcia


Vocal- Priya Parrotta | Piano & Keyboards- Leonardo Garcia | Guitars- Daniel Pereira | Bajo- Lenier Medina | Drums- Darwin Lubo | Percussion- Dovelin Primera | Trumpets- Kendar Medina | Trombones- Joan Escalante | Sax- David Bueno | Violins- Bela Turk | Background Vocals- Daniela Bueno, Ana Bueno, David Bueno



Enmanuel Cerebro Romero | Victor Paredes | Leonardo Garcia | Daniel Pereira | Darwin Lubo | Kendar Medina | Joan Escalante | David Bueno


Leonardo Garcia | Dovelin Primera

Graphic Artists: John Parrotta | Priya Parrotta | Lorenzo Ortiz